Aqua Leader

The company that invented the resin structure above ground pool










Diameter (A)
54″ 18′ 21′ 24′ 27′
Capacity/Liters 29,230 38,890 50,550 64,430
Capacity/Gallons 7,720 10,270 13,350 16,750

The AQUA LEADER injection molded above ground pool incorporates the latest injection-molding technology, using graphite-reinforced synthetic resin, to provide you with years and years of carefree swimming pleasure. With synthetic resin you can say good-bye to all the scraping, painting, and other costly chores that go hand in hand with metal frame pools.

Synthetic resin is a material that has already proven itself time and again in numerous applications: pool filtration systems, Office equipment, construction, automotive products and aircraft components where strength and durability are absolutely essential.


Superior Strength and Durability

The advanced technology of injection molding enables the components to be reinforced with a sturdy cross-ribbed process

  • Solid resin construction for a lifetime of beauty and strength
  • Sophisticated injection presses produce perfectly molded parts that fit together precisely
  • Rust-proof high grade support where you need it most.
  • No sharp edges to cut or scrape
  • Resin does not get hot like steel
  • Aqua Leader resin pool components will never rust or corrode.










Alkaline cleaned steel wall with hot dipped galvanized coating for years of dependable corrosion free use. A clear protective coating adds resistance against weathering.










The Sentinelle’s massive bold structure with it’s 9″ curved top seats and 6″ uprights accents its gray* vertical line diamond design wall pattern.

*Color availability may vary









The Creation pool is the very best combination of innovated design. The 6″ topseats and 5″ uprights enhance the champagne wall pattern.   That will compliment any back yard.

*Pattern availability may vary



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