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There are a million pools out there. On the surface, they all look pretty good. The question is: how long will they last? Our advice is to shop around and learn all you can about various pool materials, equipment, and the people who build them. In the end, we think you’ll find a Pacific Pool from Hallmark Spa & Pools makes sense for many reasons.

It won’t take you long to see why a Pacific Pool is such a smart choice. Over 60 years of pool design and construction experience have gone into it. So has the latest in high technology materials and computer-aided design.

Pacific Pool Graphex wall panels and braces, for example, are made from structural engineered resins, like the material used in the stealth bomber, yacht hulls, the Alaska pipeline, and the newest bridge and overpass construction. Unlike steel, it will not warp, dent, rust, oxidize, or degrade. Pacific Pools is the only pool manufacturer with exclusive graphex™ technology.


Pacific Pools utilizes a patented (patent # 4124907) Graphex™ brace, which is flexible and expands and contracts with the graphex wall.  This integrated system allows the Pacific Pool to expand and contract evenly, especially close to the earth’s surface where expansion and contraction occur mostly due to temperature change.


Pacific Pool’s patented (patent # 3236012) on Feb. 22, 1966, the first 8-foot walk-in steps for vinyl liner swimming pools.  As with all patents, they expire.  Over the years, many manufacturers, have copied and/or modified and use various materials to include fiberglass, and gel coat, fiberglass and acrylic, etc.  Today, Pacific Pools Performance Steps are manufactured from co extruded Luran S and utilize the patented TES system, which basicall is a one-piece molded grid under each step and supported by step bracing.

Pacific Steps™ with the patented TES system are the most advance designs in the pool industry.


It’s hard to believe something so beautiful, colorful and comfortable to touch could be so tough and strong.  But, with an active family like yours, we knew you wouldn’t want it any other way.

So we’ve made Pacific Liners from the most durable virgin vinyl available.  They’re treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth.  It may be incredibly strong, but a Pacific Vinyl Liner is also quite attractive.  You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, even our colorful 3-D designs.


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