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Hot Springs Spas

Throughout history people have recognized the benefits of hot water therapy. Today millions of people experience this pleasure in a private spa. Of all the brands sold for home use none have been as popular and as successful than those from Hot Spring portable spas. Over the years, they were the first spa to introduce such innovations as the fully insulated spa, insulated cover, cover locks, underwater light with dimmer, top-loading filter, multiple jet pumps and much more. It’s not magic and it’s not by self acclaim. It’s through creativity, quality and strict attention to detail that Hot Spring portable spas has earned the industry’s highest awards for excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

Hot Spring Spas had the first 110-volt portable spa to earn the UL listing. The first US portable spa to receive the Canadian S.A.E. certification and the first and only US portable spa to receive the T.U.V. European certification. AND THE ONLY SPA WITH NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION P181 CERTIFICATION.


Hot Spring spas are the only spas with NSF P181 certification, meaning they’ve met comprehensive standards for overall safety and performance of the entire spa- not just certain parts. With the introduction of P181 certification NSF raised the bar in spas

 For the first time ever- combining health and safety requirements for circulation, filtration, heating and sanitation of spa water.

NSF International was founded in 1944 (in the School of Public Health, The University of Michigan) as the National Sanitation Foundation. A not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. NSF is the leading global provider of public health and safety risk management solutions, while focusing on food, water, indoor air, consumer products, the environment and a collaborating center for the World Health Organization. NSF’s certification program requires regular on-site inspections of manufacturing faculties. They verify that each product meets applicable national standards. In addition, if a performance claim is being made for a product, they ensure that the product actually is able to meet that claim. NSF is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA) with offices around the world.

It’s no surprise that Hot Spring spas are the first and only spas to meet the strict requirements of NSF P181 certification. Hot Spring spa have long been known for their high quality and innovation. So relax, your Hot Spring spa was built with your family’s health and safety in mind.


100% No-bypass filtration means that all the water passes through filters before it returns to the bather.

A U.L. listing requires all jet pumps to have two suction ports to divide the suction. In a Hot Spring spa, these suction ports are safely housed under two or more filter cartridges in the filter compartment, away from the bathing area to eliminate entrapment. (See ports 1 and 2)

The silent flo pumps water slower through a separate filter at an operating cost of a 40 watt light bulb, keeping your spa ready when you are.

Some brands of Jacuzzi’s utilizing a single top loaded filter require a second suction port which is usually found in the foot well in the bathing area. Exposing children, long hair etc. to strong suction, causes possible entrapment especially when their single filter is dirty or clogged. But it also means the water coming from the foot well by-passes their single filter forcing unfiltered water, complete with body oils, dead skin and debris, directly back on the bather. Hot Springs Spa’s filters all the water, all the time, and eliminates entrapment.


Spas are wonderful. Big electric bills are not. So we make sure our spas are totally insulated. While many spas claim to be fully foamed, they often use only cheaper, low-density, open-cell foam. Hot Spring spas, by contrast, are totally insulated, not just fully foamed. The difference lies in our multiple layers of high-density, closed-cell polyurethane foam, the same material used to insulate commercial freezers. Once you own a Hot Spring spa, you’ll really appreciate its lower operating costs.


Each Hot Spring spa cabinet is a beauty to behold and is built to last. Our revolutionary Everwood® cabinet – a Hot Spring spa exclusive – combines the natural warmth and beauty of redwood with the low maintenance and high durability of polymers. The embossed wood grain and rich color give it a natural redwood, Coastal, Gray and Espresso appearance. And maintenance is a breeze since Everwood won’t crack or peel – which is why it comes with a five-year limited warranty.


Our custom cabinet spas are specifically designed to be surrounded by any style of exterior surface to blend into your outdoor environment. Work with your landscape contractor to surround your custom cabinet spa with whatever exterior you desire.

Or add our full or partial SpaStone surround to give the beauty of a natural-stone look to a vista or Grandee custom cabinet spa. The SpaStone full surround brings the stone look to above-ground installations. Matching steps are available to complete the SpaStone look.


The simple truth is, nothing relaxes like a Hot Spring spa. Why? Because no other spa has the same wide variety of unique jets, all working in perfect harmony. Each jet has been intelligently designed and carefully located to optimize your enjoyment.

All of our jets are completely adjustable to create just the right sensation, from powerful and invigorating, to gentle and soothing.


As far as component warranties are concerned, Hot Spring spas established the industry standard in 1989. It’s withstood the test of time, and our warranty remains comprehensive and straightforward. As you will see when you compare it against other warranties. It’s our pledge of quality to you.


With more than 800,00 owners experiencing ultimate relaxation, Hot Spring spas are the spa of choice in all 50 states, Canada and more than 60 other countries. Our global network of more than 950 sales and service centers ensures a professional is always nearby to support you, before, during and after the sale. Our dealers deliver the finest in customer care with the support of DeTECHtive, a sophisticated software tool that serves as a “personal technical adviser”.


For more detail on our family of portable spa from the makers of Hot Spring spas CLICK HERE.


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