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Hallmark Spa & Pools offers a wide variety of pool tables in Fayetteville NC, as well as many other furnishings you might need for your household game room. Pool is a game that can be played and enjoyed with the whole family, so why not invest in this family tradition today? Our showroom conveniently displays the variety of game tables our customers can choose from, but there are additional customizations we can order for our customers wanting a specific logo or theme incorporated.

We proudly offer Oldhausen pool tables, an elite manufacturer in the USA that is the world’s largest manufacturer of pool tables and dedicates itself to “quality, service, selection and value.” Oldhausen believes in their quality so much that all of their tables come with a lifetime warranty. The customer can choose from the tables displayed in the showroom, or feel free to design their own on our computer for a one-of-the-kind design. Remember when shopping around for pool tables in Fayetteville NC that the top priorities should be quality and longevity, which is exactly why we provide the Oldhausen brand.

Whether you want to add to your man cave or upgrade your current pool table in the Fayetteville NC area, look no further than Hallmark Spa & Pools for a quality table you can enjoy for many years to come. Please give us a call today at (910) 485-1188 or (910) 485-4581.

In our Fayetteville, NC showroom we display a wide variety of pool tables, spectator chairs, poker tables, bars, bar stools, and Tiffany lighting all for your convenience. Of course we offer cues from Viking, McDermott, Stealth, Cuetec, Legend, Players, Lucasi, Scorpion, 5280, and Smith & Wesson just to name a few. At Hallmark Spa & Pools you will find a variety of neon lights and signs to enhance you game room. For a custom pool table, choose from harley Davidson, Anheuser Busch, and NASCAR just to name a few; or design your own on our state of the art computer for that one of a kind pool table – from Olhausen, the world’s largest manufacturer of pool tables. Stop by our Fayetteville, NC showroom and see our selection of pool table supplies and poker accessories. Choose from a wide selection of custom bars, bar stools, poker and pub tables, air hockey, foosball, and game machines.

In 2005 Hallmark Spa & Pools wanted to give the troops at Fort Bragg NC a theme table. It took 8 months to obtain the design and authorization from the military to manufacture the Fort Bragg theme table. The Ft. Bragg theme table was donated to the troops at Fort Bragg NC by Hallmark Spa & Pools and Olhausen Billiards in February 2006. the 1st and only authorized military reservation theme table. All of us at Hallmark Spa & Pools are proud of the men and women in uniform and they deserve our support.


Many American brand name pool table manufacturers have given up and are now importing their tables. Some of them still claim to be “Made in the USA”, or “Assembled in America”. While in fact they are simply gathering or assembling foreign made components. Often obscuring their real origin in the far east.

Meanwhile numerous new brands have appeared on the market, often presenting themselves as “American” (usually used in their trade name). Not surprising, enterprising traders bring container loads of cheap tables into the country with little or no regard to quality, then sell them by whatever means available, including Ebay. A basic problem with this type of imported table, apart from the questionable quality of materials used is the structural integrity of the frame as well as it’s ability to absorb the natural expansion and contraction of wood. The terminology regarding the type of wood used can be misleading too. What is presented as “Cherry”, “Mahogany” or “Dark Oak” may simply refer to the color and not the special of wood used. Low cost tables imported from China are often made of inferior tropical wood originating in Southeast Asia.

There can be less in a name than meets the eye. Some of the biggest names in he industry are in fact among the largest importers of Chinese components, a more accurate representation would be “Chinese components assembled in the USA”.

All Olhausen pool tables are manufactured in America with American products, American labor and they have a life-time warranty. By the way, your Olhausen pool table will probably be assembled in your American home by a local professional installer.

How Much Are You Saving When You Buy an Olhausen?

  Olhausen Import Brand
Table Cost $3,000 $1,900
Cushion Replacement (Average 5 years on most brands) Accu-Fast cushions
Lifetime Warranty
When you replace cushions you replace cloth   $250
Normal cloth wear and tear equal    
Total Cost $3,000 $2,650
Average Resale Value $1,500 $500
Cost to own $1,500 $2,150

The above chart based on an estimated 5 year average cost to own. If you own your table longer, well you decide.

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